A Theory of the Origin of the Faith of the Seven

Of course we know that religion has a lot of importance in A Song of Ice and Fire. There are many characters who use religion as their major motivation. And there are some religions that show a lot of power. The Old Gods of the North is a religion similar to animism that also relies on skin changers and greenseers.  The R’hllor religion has been linked to resurrection and different magical acts that priestesses like Melisandre has preformed. The Faith of the Seven is different though. Although we have seen the religion influence people, we haven’t seen any miracles that the New Gods have preformed. faith7

While I was listening to a Podcast a couple weeks ago, it made me think about the origin of The Faith of the Seven, I think I know who they were and why we haven’t seem any miracles or magic tricks.

The Podcast was “The Higherside Chats” and the guest was author Graham Hancock. Mr. Hancock was talking about his theory on gods mentioned in early texts. He theorizes that sometimes when a primitive society meets up with an advanced society, the primitive society thinks of them as gods. The example he used was after the world wide flood there is evidence of a civilization on Mount Ararat. He thinks that there were only a few survivors on Mount Ararat and that they met up with a large but primitive culture sometime after the flood. This advanced society than gave advanced technology to the primitive society.gh

This made me think of the Andals and The Seven. The Andals were said to have met The Seven on hills. Were The Seven the remains of an extinct but advanced civilization?

The Seven then gave the Andals gifts. The Smith gave the Andals gifts of metal, could this be secrets of metallurgy? It could also represent all technology, like that of agriculture.

The Mother made an Andal girl fertile, is this perhaps some form of vitamin that helps in fertility (like a reverse moon tea)? Or maybe the gift represents society and a way to raise a family?

The Father gave an Andal a seven pointed crown, perhaps this represents the laws and governance that this advanced civilization once had?

Graham Hancock wrote a fairly popular book in the 1990s that did contain this thought. Maybe George read this and decided to use it in his book.

I know that this theory doesn’t effect the story too much, and is impossible to prove, but what do you think? Were the Seven the remains of a lost civilization?

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